Rent business space in Best
Building 31

Are you looking for business space in Best? Whether you’re growing too big for your current location or just starting out, we can help. Our premises are perfectly situated in the Eindhoven region. Even better: if you choose C’park Bata, you choose style. You will house your company in a national monument and join the most vibrant business community in the region.

Rent commercial space from 125 m2

We offer business space starting at 125 m2. Currently, the largest space is 950 m2. A new concept is being rolled out for the 1500 m2 first floor.

Ample parking in stylish surroundings

We offer ample parking around our location. We make sure that C’park Bata gives a good first impression with monumental buildings and stylish surroundings. You can focus on decorating your business space to match. If you are looking for advice on interior design, acoustics and wall coverings, we can recommend an interior designer.


You’re busy enough as is. If you rent your business space from us, we’ll provide you with a service package and park management.




  • Advance payment of heat, electricity and water in proportion to the area rented in relation to the total area of the floor in question (and, if available, also on the basis of the intermediate meter);
  • Cleaning of general areas (1 x per day on working days);
  • Exterior window cleaning (4 x per year);
  • Annual inspection and maintenance of building-related installations;
  • Garbage disposal (residual waste, (confidential) paper);
  • Incl. 5% administrative fees.

Park management


  • General security of buildings and grounds;
  • Staffed rception in the central hall of Building 21;
  • Technical service;
  • Infrastructure facilities;
  • Community development;
  • Greenery maintenance and ice control;
  • Lunchroom and coffee facilities in the central hall Building 21;
  • Site management.

Curious about our premises?

Join our community

At C’park Bata you don’t just rent, you join a vibrant community. You are surrounded by other entrepreneurs and we actively try to bring people together. We regularly organize an event or drinks. Who knows what you can learn from each other? Maybe you’ll even generate some extra business. Curious about our tenants? Check out our community page.

Would you like to organize your own event? No problem. Ask us about the possibilities and what we can do for you.

Looking for business space in the Eindhoven region?

Looking for business space in the Eindhoven region? Schedule a tour with our community manager Inge Castelijns. She can answer all your questions and discuss the possibilities.