Our buildings

C’park Bata in Best was originally built by shoe manufacturer Bata. Employees were housed in the adjacent Batadorp. We manage the seven characteristic buildings of the historic Bata factory complex. Three white buildings facing Europaplein form the monumental entrance to the site.

Dutch industrial heritage

The three almost identical white buildings are national monuments which are part of the Dutch industrial heritage. In two of them we rent out offices and business premises, in the third Bata Industrials makes safety shoes. The four other buildings on our grounds provide space for storage and workshops for creative professionals.


Building 21

The center white building at the front of our property is Building 21. This used to be the administrative building. Now it serves as the main entrance to C’park Bata. On the first floor you’ll find the central reception, a shoe store and a cosy lunchroom. There’s also a large meeting room. On the second and top floors are business spaces ranging from 20 to 300 m2. Here you’ll also find our shared meeting rooms and conference rooms.

Building 22

Right behind Building 21 is the former packing hall of the shoe factory. In this building we rent out three units ranging in size from 268 to 1,100 m2. One unit serves as a stockroom and the second houses an care-based activities center. The largest of the three units is a sports center. In addition to regular fitness and group classes they organize special training sessions for our tenants.

Building 31

The white building to the right of the main building is Building 31. It used to produce stockings. Two of the three floors are now rented out to medium-sized companies. We currently house businesses ranging from 125 to 950 m2. A new concept is currently being rolled out on the 1500 m2 first floor.

Building 32

Building 32 used to serve as a warehouse. Now it features units with workshops for artisans and creative professionals. Are you looking for a workshop to practice a craft or creative profession? Then you have come to the right place. We offer practical workshop space ranging from 30 to 200 m2. Some units are equipped with their own rolling doors.

Gebouw 32

Buildings 11, 12 and 42

Bata Industrials is located in Buildings 11, 12 and 42. The factory space in Building 11 manufactures safety shoes. You’ll also find offices, a showroom and the logistics department of Bata Industrials here. Between Building 11 and Building 21 is a gate that provides access to C’Park’s own road network that leads past Buildings 12, 22, 32 and 42.

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