Rent a workshop in the Eindhoven region
Building 32

Are you looking for a workshop in the Eindhoven region? In Building 32, craftsmen, artisans and creative professionals have ample space to work. Are you looking for a workspace where you can turn your designs into finished products? Then we have the perfect unit for you.

Rent a workshop from 30 m2

In our workshops you enjoy natural lighting from skylights. Your space has a 2 meter wide entrance and 2.65 meter high partition walls. Basic facilities for heat and electricity are available and can be expanded with high-power mains if necessary. You can use communal areas including toilets, a pantry and the meeting rooms in Building 21. Thanks to these communal spaces, every square meter you rent can be dedicated to your work. Floorspace for our workshops starts at 30 m2.

Join a community

Our workshops are situated in a centrally heated building with concrete floors that are tough enough to drive a forklift across. You get access to high speed internet via WiFi. There is ample parking on our grounds. But there’s more. C’park Bata doesn’t just rent spaces, we also build a community. Tenants of our workshops are especially close. We host regular open days to highlight the crafts practiced at our grounds.


Working as a creative professional or craftsman takes up enough of your time. Renting from us comes with a service package and park management.



  • An advance to heat, electricity and water;
  • Coffee, tea and water at the coffee corner;
  • Central water tap with trough;
  • WiFi;
  • Cleaning of general areas (1 x per day on working days);
  • Exterior window cleaning (4 times a year);
  • Annual inspection and maintenance of building installations;
  • Garbage disposal (residual waste, confidential paper);
  • Incl. 5% administrative fee;

Park management


  • General security of buildings and grounds;
  • Staffed reception in Building 21;
  • Technical service;
  • Infrastructure facilities;
  • Community development;
  • Greenery maintenance and ice control;
  • Lunchroom and coffee facilities in Building 21;
  • Management of the grounds;

Join our community

At C’park Bata you don’t just rent, you join a vibrant community. You are surrounded by other entrepreneurs and we actively try to bring people together. We regularly organize an event or drinks. Who knows what you can learn from each other? Maybe you’ll even generate some extra business. Curious about our tenants? Check out our community page.

Would you like to organize your own event? No problem. Ask us about the possibilities and what we can do for you.

Are you looking for a workspace in Best?

Are you looking for a workspace in Best? Schedule a tour with our community manager Inge Castelijns. She can answer all your questions and discuss the possibilities.