Enjoy a full-service business experience in Best

At C’Park Bata in Best we don’t just lease offices and business space, we take it up a notch. The letter C in C’Park stands for Community. We consider ourselves a hub around which a business community grows. Based in Best, we are a rapidly growing, creative hotbed for companies in the Eindhoven region. We offer space to everyone: from freelancers to SMEs and from business services to artisans.

We rent out flexspaces, offices, business spaces and workshops.

We rent out flexspaces, offices, commercial premises and workshops in the former Bata shoe factories. Under our supervision, seven buildings, three of which have the status of national monument, have been brought back to life. We are constantly updating the location, laying out new greenery and providing a creative layout for the shared spaces. C’Park Bata now offers a home to more than 79 companies.

Nostalgia meets innovation

The historic status of the former Bata factories motivated us to renovate with extra care. We opted for a wonderful mix of nostalgia and innovation. By striving for harmony with the location and by showing respect to the environment and its historical value, we have created a unique business location. You can feel at home here and you will be proud to receive your guests at our premises.

The story behind C'Park Bata


  • A staffed central reception;
  • Meeting rooms;
  • A lunchroom;
  • Greenery maintenance;
  • Cleaning;
  • Events for our community;
  • And much more…

A great space for a good conversation

Take a seat in our communal garden, join us in the lunchroom or take a stroll along the monumental buildings. We don’t just rent out business spaces, we offer more besides. With us you’ll find a place to have a good conversation with your visitors and your fellow tenants. Whether you enjoy our unique seating areas and meeting rooms inside, or our terrace and grounds outside, you will feel at home with us.

We bring our tenants together

Together you can go further and achieve more. We bring our tenants together. Our unique location helps, and we add to that. We regularly organize lunches, drinks and meetings. You‘ll get to know your fellow entrepreneurs while enjoying a snack and a drink. Who knows what common purpose you’ll find?

Are you looking for business space in the Eindhoven region?

Book a guided tour with our community manager Inge Castelijns. She can answer all your questions and discuss the possibilities.